• Repurpose Project

      My film made for this Repurpose Project , it’s called “Life of Can”. My idea is to use the perspective of a can. From being drank, left behind, or throwing inside the bin. Feeling alone. They can’t speak, can’t move, I want to show their feeling by how they are treated. In this project, …

  • First Impression of LCC

    I think I still haven’t know how my course would work later on, but currently I doesn’t really feel like it would taught me much. Printing in school is quite expensive. That is actually a difficultly for me. I can’t spend that much money on printing everything out and stick it in my sketchbook. I …

  • Hi there. I am from the C-137 Universe.

    Hello, My name is Hong Man, and I am a student at London College of Communication. I am currently studying on International Introduction To Design And Media Communication. I am from Hong Kong. Nah, I mean the one in C-137. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.

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